(Final!) day 6


For my 6th and final post, I wanted to try something a little different. I was curious about how difficult it would be for a parent to seek out the therapy technologies I’ve been learning about themselves and wanted to see how they would go about their search. I also wanted to find ways that I could help parents in the future with finding these resources. I ended up going to Pinterest and Twitter and doing specific searches to see what was out there as far as speech therapy technology for home use goes. What I found was this:



My search began on Pinterest, and I ended up finding a great account with helpful resources for doing speech therapy with technology in the home. The board is found here: http://www.pinterest.com/pammyz/slp-tech-apps/ . This board mostly consists of a lot of helpful apps, and most of them have some sort of tutorial. Finding this resource made me think about how I could use Pinterest as an SLP in the future. Making a board with resources for parents would be really helpful for them to see what they can use to work with their children. I could pin a few different websites, games, or app ideas for parents to look through and determine what they feel they can use at home.



The next site I ventured to is Twitter. For me, Twitter was a little bit more difficult to navigate just because there is so much being said and so much information being tweeted. That being said, because of the abundance of information Twitter can be a good resource for finding out things you’re wanting to know more about. By searching #SLP technology I found many tweets featuring types of technology available. One helpful account that I found was @SpeechTechie. This account is pretty popular and regularly tweets innovative ways that technology can be used in speech therapy. For example, one of his latest tweets was about an American Girl speech therapy app. Keeping up with accounts like this one would definitely keep any SLP and parent up to date with what technologies are being used. As an SLP in the future, I could use twitter to tweet and retweet different technologies that I find useful. If parents were to follow me, I could help them narrow down their choices for home therapy and make twitter a little less overwhelming and a more beneficial resource for them.


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