Day 5


For my fifth post, I decided to give Youtube a try and see if any speech therapists have videos that take a position on using technology for speech therapy in the home. What I found was this really informative video about apps that can be used to help younger children with speech therapy: . The apps that these SLPs suggest can be used both by the speech therapist as well as by parents at home. The therapists explained toward the end of the video that technology these days is seen as an incentive for kids. By moving toward therapy that can be done on an iPad with a parent, kids might be more excited about practicing their speech without even realizing it.

While I personally like all five of the apps that they mention, my favorites are the “Kids at Home” and the “Articulation Station” apps. “Kids at Home” is great because like the SLPs mentioned in the video, kids can practice labeling objects in the home and start expressing themselves. In addition, if a parent can’t understand a child’s needs the child can point to the object they want. “Articulation Station” is really interesting to me because it breaks down the therapy into three levels: word level, sentence level, and story level. Parents can work with their kids at whichever level they’re at and provide supplemental help in the home.

One of the speech therapists in the video mentioned that these apps are really great because they give kids extra help at home, which is important because speech therapy is generally only administered to kids for an hour a week. I feel like this video is a really good resource for me to see more of the technology available and what other SLPs think of its use.



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