Day 3


For my third attempt at trying to find an answer to my question, “How can technology help a child in need of speech therapy in the home?” I thought I’d try to find an article on the topic and see what someone in the media has to say. What I found was an article by The Huffington Post called There’s an App for That: A Speech Language Therapist’s Perspective. This article changed quite a few things for me and this project.

So far the way I have been going about my project is searching for technology that can aid in speech therapy, but what I haven’t asked myself yet is does technology really help? Reading this article made me realize quite a bit about the role of technology as a teacher. The SLP in the article does mention that technology is helpful, but if you keep reading you’ll find that there are a few reasons that technology is not the only way to go to provide extra help. While technology can provide extra practice, the truth is that kids learn most of what they know about language through social interaction and spontaneous conversations. This opinion on technology really got me thinking about what I’m researching. I think as I start to shape my question more, I might think about what experts in the field have to say about using technology. My question is starting to become more about whether or not technology is helpful for practicing speech therapy in the home.


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