Day 1


When we were told in class that we would be working on a semester-long project on anything of our choosing (relating to technology and education) I was a little bit overwhelmed and had no idea what I would work on. With a little brain power, I soon realized I’ve always been passionate about two things: helping kids with speech problems, and making sure they have help at home as well as in the classroom. This led me to decide that for my 20% project, I’ll be exploring the technology available for patients of speech therapy to use for extra help at home.

For those of you who aren’t sure how speech therapy works in the classroom, a child with a speech disorder will spend about an hour a week with a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), broken up into two thirty minute segments. This of course varies with severity, but from what I’ve observed this is the average for public schools. These two thirty minute segments are really helpful for the student and get them started on how they can produce sounds the right way, but it always helps when a child has help at home too. 

The parent of the child is with them in the child’s most natural setting: at home. I really feel like the parent should have a way of helping the child at home, not even vigorously, just in a relaxed way. I’m sure technology can be a mode of helping the student while keeping them interested, and this extra practice could even expedite the speech therapy process in school. This is just how I feel about the subject, and it’s not really proven true as far as I know, but I’m really excited to explore how technology can aid in speech therapy in the home setting.


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